Below are links to all 37 chapters of Cargal's lectures on algorithms, number theory, probability and other stuff.   

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Chapter Topics General Math Probability Counting Number Theory
1 Relations        
2 Graphs        
3 Integer Functions Floor and Modulo Functions    
4 Algorithms Collatz Algorithm      
5 Recursive Algorithms        
6 Induction      
7 Graph Searching        
8 Horner's Algorithm        
9 Shortest Paths        
10 Euclidean Algorithm        
11 Division Mod n Linear Integer Equations, Random Numbers, The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic    
12 Chinese Remainder Theorem        
13 Euler's Theorem and Fermat's Little Theorem        
14 Wilson's Theorem        
15 Counting Permutations and Binomial Coefficients    
16 Multinomials      
17 Stirling Numbers of the Second Type        
18 Matrices Incidence Matrices      
19 Boolean Algebra Boolean Rings      
20 Probability and the Law of Addition        
21 PIE Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion      
22 The Sum of Three Die      
23 The Law of Multiplication Conditional Probabilities and Independence      
24 The Bonferroni Inequality        
25 Sigma Notation        
26 Applications of Probability        
27 Binary Arithmetic        
28  Bayes' Rule        
29 Markov Chains        
30 Classification of States        
31  Geometric Series      
32 Averages Simpson's Paradox    
33 The Gambler's Ruin      
34 Ergodic Chains        
35 Mixed Chains Craps      
36 Poisson Processes        
37  A Little Game Theory